Exclusive: How LeBron James and His Foundation Help At-Risk Kids

LeBron James transformed himself into an ultimate athlete, but he will never forget his roots. The kid from Akron, as he likes to call himself, grew up to be one of the most successful people on planet Earth, and he still helps those who need his support. This time the king of basketball and his foundation helped kids from his hometown.

This year, LeBron used his time and money to help at-risk youth in Akron. Thanks to LeBron and his foundation, over 800 kids will get the chance to go to school and stay away from the streets.

In one of his interviews, LeBron spoke about his ideas and plans. He wanted to have an impact and make the world a better place to live in. “That’s part of my whole plan. I wanted to do something that Akron youths would be empowered by, that was going to be sustainable, something that would last for generations,” he said.

Earlier this summer, LeBron opened a public school in Akron. About 240 students will go to LeBron’s school, and his greatness does not end here.

King James also worked on a mentoring program. Wheels For Education is designed for third-graders who run at a higher risk of dropping out. These kids will get everything they need to graduate. LeBron James made a promise, and he is ready to keep it.

This program has helped so many kids, and there are over 800 participants in it.

This summer, LeBron also started a technology camp, “enriched” with tablets provided by Samsung. It is a nice addition to the Akron After School summer program. This camp is of great help for parents as they are given a month’s rent, groceries or a Samsung TV if they involve themselves in the program. It is a brand new project, but sure restored our faith in humanity.

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