NFL Media Reacts To Patriots Thrilling Win Over Bears

The New England Patriots and Chicago Bears played a rather bizarre game. Pats fumbled twice on special teams and also scored a couple of touchdowns there. Mitch Trubisky dominated the field on the ground, but had hard time dominating the air. The teams had double-digit leads at some points throughout the game.

Some said that the Patriots would lose this game because of their silly mistakes, but yes, they managed to win the Week 7 contest.

The media came out with comments on the big win. Nobody could tell the direction in which the game was headed or who would be the ultimate hero. However, we read about every detail of the game.

The Patriots played without tight end Rob Gronkowski due to his back injury. The Bears defense thought it would be easy to defeat the Pats, but they were all wrong. The Patriots offense is literally unstoppable.

“Patriots immediately using Bears’ defensive aggression against them, with a delayed run and two screens out of the gate,” Albert Breer tweeted.

The Patriots were well aware of the fact that the Bears build their defense around the pass-rush. The players tried to bait the Bears into slipping away from their identity, and it worked.

The first drive was easy, and the Pats ran the football with ease. They used screen passes to set themselves up before Edelman took them over the top. The Bears could not slow down the Patriots’ passing game. “Brady to Edelman for a 9-yard touchdown. Patriots made that look easy,” Mark Daniels tweeted.

“Patriots WR Chris Hogan goes down on Julian Edelman’s TD, looked like trainers were doing an ACL test. Walked off under his own power,” Breer tweeted. This was one of the disasters Pats avoided. Hogan looked to suffer a knee injury on Edelman’s touchdown, but he “survived” and returned to the game.

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