Telling Update Emerges On Cam Newton Immediate Future

Cam Newton should be worried about his NFL future at this point. The New England Patriots offered him a second deal and he looked bright in the preseason. Newton was challenged by Mac Jones in training camp and the Patriots put an end to the quarterback battle. Jones will lead the Patriots in 2021 and he seems to be ready for the upcoming challenge. What does the future hold for Newton?

Ian Rapoport reported that NFL teams haven’t shown much interest in Newton.

“If there is, I haven’t found it,” Rapoport said.“I would never rule anything out in that situation because sometimes teams like to keep it quiet. I just, I haven’t found a possible home.”

Cam Newton to make a big decision on his future

The 2015 NFL MVP is one of the best quarterback options on the open market at the moment. However, he has a hard time finding a job in the NFL. Most teams wouldn’t even dare to sign him as a backup. Newton is a former MVP, remember? NFL teams got their starting quarterbacks. There’s no room for Newton in this group.

Newton doesn’t hold any grudges at the moment. He even praised the Patriots rookie for his great performance.

Some say Newton should retire. Well, he has so much to offer and retirement is the last option on the table right now.

Jones was the Patriots’ quarterback of the future. He came to New England to fill up the empty spot. The Patriots found a solid quarterback option in Jones and there was no room for the veteran.

“And, really that’s not surprising. If you go back last year before the season, (Newton) didn’t have a ton of interest before the Patriots decided to sign him,” Rapoport added. “And this offseason he didn’t have a ton of interest before the Patriots decided to sign him again. So, it’s not like teams are going to look at the preseason tape and say, ‘OK, well, now I believe he can be a starter.’ “

Is there any chance for Newton to re-sign with his former team?