VIDEO: Stephenson Confirmed He’s Going to Be a Fool Again With Bounce Pass and Dance

Lance Stephenson enjoys doing his thing, and this time he will be playing with one of the greatest basketball players of all times. Can you imagine Lance and LeBron James playing on the same team? Some say this is the most underrated storyline in the world of basketball.

Stephenson has a specific style of leading the ball, and he’s no stranger to his “brilliant” highlights blowing up on social networks. That’s exactly what happened during the Lakers preseason opener against the Denver Nuggets at the Staples Center. What was he doing out there?

Stephenson is in love with the game, and basketball is his greatest love. He can’t be blamed for his passion for the game. This man knows how to play ball, and he is playing it with style. If you take a closer look at Stephenson’s game, you’d see that he’s just following through on his on-the-money pass that resulted to a lay-up. He hopped around and danced on the floor. It’s just the regular Lance thing.

Twitter users went crazy. I mean, you don’t always see a basketball player doing this type of moves on the basketball court. Dancing? Can you imagine LeBron doing the same thing?

Will someone get the cameras here? We have a dance star on the rise. Maybe Lance could get a role in a music video or something.

However, Stephenson has a really good chance of thriving in Los Angeles. He could play along LeBron James, and maybe even learn a few things. Or maybe LeBron will learn a few dance moves for the NBA Finals. Who knows…

Lakers fans thanked Lance for his performance, and we can’t wait for the season to start. It will be interesting to see the guys in the Finals. The Lakers aren’t considered contenders, but that may change overnight.

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