Kobe Bryant Sends Clear Message To LeBron James About Lakers History

Lakers legend Kobe Bryant did his best to remind LeBron James of his place in the franchise’s history.
LeBron James signed a contract with the Lakers last summer after leaving his Cavaliers and hitting free agency.

The NBA champion is more than thrilled to lead the team to another championship. However, Kobe Bryant and a few more superstars had something to say about the king.

Bryant has won five rings with the Los Angeles Lakers, and if LeBron keeps doing his job with the team, he will definitely follow his footsteps.

The legend sent a message to LeBron.

“My impact on this organization is to look forward. If I’ve taught this fan base anything, it’s that we want excellence. We want championships.”

“It’s about the purple and gold. It’s not about one player. I came in here and Magic [Johnson] embraced me with open arms. As did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy and everybody else; Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and all those guys. It’s our responsibility to do the same thing for the next generation that comes in. I take that stuff deadly serious. It’s like: ‘No. Guys, we need more championships.'”

LeBron played on Friday night as the Los Angeles Lakers confronted the San Antonio Spurs.

He scored 35 points, and had eight rebounds and 11 assists. But, his game was not enough for the Lakers to win the game. The Spurs defeated Los Angeles 133-120 at the AT&T Center.

LeBron and his teammates are now sixth in the NBA Western Conference with a nice 15-10 record.
Head coach Luke Walton and his guys will play on Sunday against the Memphis Grizzlies.

The LeBron-Bryant saga has not finished yet, and we believe that both stars with come forward with another statement regarding their contribution to the team. Nobody saw this coming, right?

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