Luke Walton Makes Major Hint On LeBron’s Return

LeBron James may return on the floor this Thursday as head coach Luke Walton did not rule out the possibility of the player suiting up for the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. That’s actually an update on LeBron’s return.

The Lakers had to play without LeBron since Christmas Day after he suffered a groin injury in the game against the Golden State Warriors. LeBron’s returnis actually the reason that brought the Lakers to the ninth position in the Western Conference.

LeBron has not played in fourteen games, and that’s the longest stretch of games he has missed due to an injury during his professional career. It seems like LeBron will make a return as he practice with his teammates over the week.

The king’s agent, Rich Paul said LeBron would be able to play with the team if it were the playoffs.

Walton gives hint on LeBron’s return

“I haven’t seen him do contact yet so I don’t feel as confident,” Walton said after the team lost the match to the Golden State Warriors. “But I know  – you know – how serious he is about his rehab.”

“He’s doing everything possible and we’ve talked. I know he’s dying to get out on the basketball court but he also knows that getting healthy is top priority. Whenever that day comes, he’ll be back out there. But I would say right now, I feel more confident about Rondo being ready for Thursday.”

Rajon Rondo played 14 games for the team since joining the squad in the summer. He has struggled with persistent injury problems. Rondo has not played with the team since Christmas Day too, and Walton made a statement on the veteran.

“I think Rondo will play Thursday,” he said. “As long as he continues to move with no setbacks until then. That will be something we’ll keep pushing him and we’ll re-evaluate each morning.”

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