Steelers Make Decision On Possible Antonio Brown To Patriots Trade

The New England Patriots are all in when it comes to adding new force in the offseason, but they will not get Antonio Brown.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown decided to part ways with the Pittsburgh Steelers and wanted to go out. Brown did not have a good relationship with the team at the end of the regular season, and things got even messier after the end of the season. The receiver is now looking for a new team.

“Thank you SteelerNation for a big 9 years … time to move on and forward,” Brown wrote Tuesday. 

Brown is trying to convince everybody that he is not a “Steelers creation.” He went from a sixth-round pick to a seven-time Pro Bowler. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler believes these are the reasons for Brown’s trade request.

“This had been building,” Fowler said. “Drew Rosenhaus [Brown’s agent] told ESPN a few weeks ago that he had told the Steelers Brown’s ‘position’ on things. Many close to Brown believe he was done playing scapegoat for Steelers‘ problems and wanted new start.”

Former Steelers’ running back, Jerome Bettis, believes that Brown should not be blamed for his current situation. “This goes all the way to the top for allowing the culture to exist,” he said.

“Coach Tomlin came in and said, ‘I’m going to let these men self-check themselves because that’s what these guys should be able to do.’ Well, guess what? When you had multiple leaders on the team, it was effective,” Bettis added. “But as those leaders start diminishing, you didn’t have those strong leaders to take their place. Ben is the only guy who is there as a leader. Where is all of the defensive leadership? All of those guys are gone. It’s younger players now. It didn’t happen overnight. It’s not hard to see.”

Antonio Brown is not going to Foxboro

But, despite the sore relationship, the Steelers are not sending Brown to New England. The same applies to Baltimore, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Brown is not going to any of these teams. They are definitely not boosting their rival.

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