Tom Brady Gets Diamond Chain Super Bowl Gift from Patriots Teammate

Tom Brady is a common figure in almost every Super Bowl, and he has just earned his sixth ring. The Patritos quarterback helped the team win Super Bowl LIII, and it was crazy. Brady proved everyone wrong, including those who predicted his failure. This year he even received a gift from one of his teammates. A diamond chain.

It is interesting to note that it was actually Cordarrelle Patterson. This Super Bowl was his very first experience in the big game, and he was amazed with Brady’s leadership. That’s why he decided to give Brady a diamond chain. It was a honorable gesture, and yes, Cordarrelle was that grateful.

Guess who made the diamond chain

Patterson has just joined the New England Patriots. He struggled with the Minnesota Vikings and the Oakland Raiders. It was a terrible experience for the player, but Brady took him to the promised land. So, Patterson went to Al the Jeweler to have a custom designed diamond chain for his favorite quarterback.

According to sources, the chain was made with hundreds of diamonds. Patterson gave thousands of dollars. Let’s not forget that he is on a $8.5 million contract.

Brady thanked his teammate for the kind gesture on his Instagram account. The quarterback said that Vivian loves the chain.

This is not the first time Al makes custom chains for Stefon Diggs, Jarvis Landry and many more. All can now add Brady to his list.

Winning six rings is a big deal, and Patterson appreciates that. He showed his respect for the quarterback. You cannot disrespect the greatest player of all times.

This sure makes Patterson the teammate of the year. Many would say this was over the top, but we support him.

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