Tom Brady’s Rookie Card Sets A Shocking New eBay Record

While some may disagree, in terms of Super Bowl rings Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all times. Because of that, his collectibles are very valuable, especially the rare ones. Last year, an autographed Brady rookie card was sold on eBay for $250,000.

Basketball fans also like collectible cards. For instance, just last week a Michael Jordan card fetched $350,100 in an eBay auction. The card was one of 10 1997-98 Skybox Precious Metals Green produced and the only one graded and authenticated by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) grading service. Some experts even think the card is one of only three in circulation among the 10 that were produced.

This is possibly the highest-selling Jordan card of all-time, far surpassing the $20,000-25,000 price PSA-10 graded Jordan rookie cards generally get.

“We call it a ‘holy grail’ because it’s so scarce and so desired that you just frankly never see it,” said Brent Huigens, CEO of PWCC Marketplace, which handled the auction on behalf of a private owner

However, this record was surpassed when another of the aforementioned 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket rookie cards autographed by Brady was sold on eBay Monday night for a staggering sum of $400,100.

The Brady rookie card is believed to be owned by former NFL guard Evan Mathis who is reportedly a high-end card collector. He had also sold a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card (graded PSA 9) for a near-record $2.88 million last year.

As Brady’s career continues to grow, the value of his collectibles should keep rising and there will be more sellers looking to cash in if they have a rare graded card.

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