Look: LeBron James’ New Shoe Inspired By Outkast’s Album Is Outstanding

LeBron James joined the NBA in 2003, the same year Outkast released their diamond-selling Speakerboxxx/The Love Below double album. LeBron’s latest Nike sneaker release, the LeBron 16 Low Soundtrack, is actually an ode to the brilliant double album that gave us hits like “Hey Ya,” “Roses” and “The Way You Move.” That thing happened 16 years ago.

The sneaker has a white, black and tan colorway and features a graffiti-style crown with “23” carved on it on the heel patch. The gorgeous design was inspired by the album’s artwork. One of the insoles is pink and the other is red. If by any chance you didn’t know it, the double album has a split cover, with 3 Stacks’ half (The Love Below) in pink shade and Big Boy’s half (Speakerboxxx) in red shade. The sneaker will come out on march 28 for a retail price of $160.

“In 2003, LeBron James was drafted to the league and read to take the game by storm. He was also inspired by the iconic music of that year, including a number of classic albums and unforgettable hits by hip-hop legends. The LeBron 16 Low “Soundtrack” draws inspiration from the music of that time, incorporating King James’ name, number and logo, along with split color detailing, to honor the sound and style of ’03,” Nike announced.

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is a classic album and its hit owned charts for so long. Fans have been long talking about a fresh OutKast project, but we haven’t noticed any signs to confirm that rumor. It’s just a dream.

LeBron has been really successful in the past few years. The only problem at this moment is his game with the Los Angeles Lakers. The team is outside the playoff picture, and they will probably not make it this year.

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