Kawhi Leonard To Lakers: Raptors Star’s Sister Deletes Bombshell Video Saying Kawhi Is Leaving Raptors

Kawhi Leonard helped the Toronto Raptors make their first NBA Finals, but he will probably leave the team this summer. The Raptors may not get a chance to make the NBA Finals without LeBron, and rumors suggest that he will play somewhere else. Even his sister, Miesha Slayton, confirmed it.

Miesha put on a live stream celebrating the Raptors’ Game 6 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. You can find her as “mztwotwo” on Instagram, and this video was enough for people to start talking.

Leonard’s sister was responding to Raptors fans sharing their love for Leonard. Many of them expressed their hope that Leonard re-signs with the Raptors in free agency.

Something strange happened in the video, and fans could hear a male voice in the background, saying that Leonard will leave the Raptors. “They know darn well that he ain’t gonna be there next year,” the unknown man said.

Miesha deleted the video, and it added fuel to the fire. The free agency period will officially begin in a month, and NBA fans are alredy making combinations.

We can’t really tell much about the further development of events. Fans have linked Leonard with the Los Angeles Clippers and others have suggested that he plans on going back home. The Clippers have sent franchise execs to watch Leonard in action throughout the season.

The Lakers are also considered an option.

LeBron James and his team are determined to bring an All-Star on the roster, and Leonard is one of the names we’ve heard about.

The Raptors may offer Leonard a big contract, and we heard fans chanting “MVP” as Leonard lifted the Eastern Conference title on Saturday night. Businesses around the city did their bit to make him feel comfortable.

Things are getting really interesting in the NBA, and there are so many rumors about the potential signings. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Buttler and many others are involved in the talks, and we can just imagine the chaos that will take place in a month.

The Lakers won’t miss their chance to sign an All-Star, and they won’t give up on the opportunity to land Leonard, Durant, Irving or any other major star. Anthony Davis is on their list, too.

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