Watch: Rob Gronkowski Gave Groundbreaking Response When Asked About Retirement

Remember all the times Rob Gronkowski messed with media members when they asked him about his retirement plans? It seems like the former Patriots tight end didn’t like all the questions he was receiving, and that’s exactly what he did again.

Gronk is pretty busy at the moment. It’s not like he is working or something. Gronk is busy attending major events and partying. He is having the time of his life and Camille Kostek is right by his side. This time the couple appeared at the Billboard Music Awards, and Gronk did a little acting. He turned into a security guard and entertained guests. But, the cherry on top was the interview he had on the red carpet. Is there any chance that he comes back? Gronk has been getting this question all the time, and he decided to have some fun. Again.

In one of his recent interviews, Gronk said he is into new opportunities.

“I’m into new opportunities,” Gronkowski told Curran. “I was at CVS today with Jim. Bagged all his stuff. I might do that, be a bagger. I might open a dog-walking business, be a dog-walker, I don’t know. No doubt! Get a long stick with a scooper on the end and a handle. I just hit the trigger and it scoops it up. Then I reach back and drop it in a big bag on my back. Put all the poop in there and empty it every once in a while! So many ideas!”

If you ask his agent Drew Rosenhaus, he will say that Gronk may come back.

“This is me speculating,” Rosenhaus said. “This is nothing that Rob and I talked about specifically. I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up. Rob Gronkowski is retired and it’s unlikely that he will ever play football again. however, I did close my conversation with Rob yesterday when he called to tell me he was going to retire, and I said, ‘Rob, just keep in mind that if you ever have a change of heart, you can come back and play. I’m sure the Patriots would welcome you with open arms. If it’s sometime during the season. if it’s late in the year. if you feel good and want to come back and play, we’ll make it happen.’ That’s all. It was just a suggestion. I couldn’t let go without leaving that in Rob’s ear.”

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