Julian Edelman Goes Full Grizzly Adams In Funny Instagram Photo

Everyone knows that Julian Edelman’s trademark is his beard. On Wednesday afternoon the New England Patriots wide receiver posted a photo of himself on Instagram with a comically large beard and features an equally comical caption.

“Is it just me or is my beard growing faster this year?” Edelman wrote, adding the hashtag “#GrizzlyAdamsDidHaveABeard.”

Edelman’s caption refers to a famous “Happy Gilmore” scene, in which Lee Trevino reminds Shooter McGavin that Grizzly Adams, in fact, did have a beard.

Back in February, Edelman promised NFL Network’s Deion Sanders he would shave his beard if the Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams. A 13-3 victory and a Super Bowl MVP award later, Edelman kept his promise.

If you’ll recall, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman went on “Ellen” shortly after winning Super Bowl MVP to have host Ellen DeGeneres shave his considerable scruff in exchange for a $10,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Boston.

Julian admitted that his beard has made his daily life a little more difficult.

“Eating is a nightmare,” he said at the time. “I have to shower after I eat, but sometimes, you have something good, you get a little flavor savor.”

“I love you, beard,” he said before Ellen broke out the razor. She did a good job of shaving the bulk of the beard.

In more relevant news, Patriots training camp begins Thursday morning. The Pats will have two weeks of practice before their first preseason game, which will be August 8 against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

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