LeBron James’ Comments About Anthony Davis Are Already Going Viral

The Los Angeles Lakers have added tons of talent to their roster for the upcoming 2019-20 season. Anthony Davis is the greatest star the team added, and there’s also a possibility that he takes the leading role. What does LeBron James say about this?

During team introductions, LeBron talked about his team, and had words of praise for Davis. LeBron had his summer off, and used it on the best way possible.

“It was a great summer for me. I spent a lot of time with my family and friends. Shot a movie, “Space Jam,” that I’m truly excited about and will be great. I also got an opportunity to put a lot of work into my game.”

Davis is a perfect addition to the Lakers at this moment. Kyle Kuzma won’t play until late in October, and his injury came as a surprise. But, LeBron is happy with the current situation in LA.

“It’s exciting to have such a beautiful young mind, a beautiful player but also a great leader as well. I think it’s a great opportunity for this franchise.”

LeBron is impressed with Davis’ leadership qualities. He may even pass the torch. When it comes to the offense, he may run it through Davis.

“We all know how great Anthony Davis is. And if we’re not playing through Anthony Davis while he’s on the floor then it makes no sense to have him on the floor because he’s that great (laughing). It doesn’t mean every time down we just throw it to him, but we have the ability to do that. He’s been very efficient in his career, he commands double teams and when you can attract two defenders on one guy, then you have the numbers in your favor. … It’ll open things up for the other guys on the floor, including myself.”

Who is the winner?

“Everyone’s talking about the big winners of the summertime – is it the Nets? Or the Clippers? Or the Lakers? It’s actually the STAPLES Center. STAPLES Center is the biggest winner of the summer. If you’re a fan of basketball, you get the opportunity to see the Clippers one night and then the opportunity to see the Lakers.”

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