Colin Cowherd Perfectly Explains What Separates Tom Brady From Other Great Athletes

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may be a victim of his own success. That’s what Colin Cowherd said on FS1 while discussing the Patriots’ offense. The New England Patriots defeated the New York Giants, and the final score was 35-14. It was a good score, but the Patriots struggled.

Brady wasn’t playing his best football in Week 6 and threw an interception and had a fumble that ended with a Giants touchdown. However, Brady completed 31 of 41 passes for 334 yards and had two rushing yards as the Patriots improved their record to 6-0.

Cowherd said it was pretty much everything Brady could do given the situation.

“Here’s the great thing about LeBron James and Tom Brady, and for this moment, let’s stick with Brady: The ‘who’ has never mattered,” Cowherd said. “He’s got touchdowns to 75 different people. It’s never about the ‘who.’ It’s about the ‘where.’ When the ball is snapped, where will you be as a receiver three seconds after the snap? It’s about ‘what.’ What is your job? Do your job. Tom Brady’s the only quarterback in NFL history that the ‘who’ doesn’t matter. “Phillip Dorsett’s out. ‘I’m gonna use some guy named Gunner (Olszewski) and another guy named (Ryan) Izzo and another guy that sounds like the member of a law firm, Jakobi Meyers.’ It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that they use James White — sometimes he’s available, sometimes he’s not. And there’s Sony Michel — played well (Thursday night), not as well early. … He’s the only quarterback in my life where the ‘who’ doesn’t matter.”

The Patriots’ offense is out of sync this season, but Brady believes they will improve over time. Luckily, the defense is pretty amazing, and they work really hard to make up for the damage caused by the offense.

The Patriots have won six Super Bowls in the Brady-Belichick era, and that set’s up the standards really high. Young players have to work a lot to catch up with the GOAT and other players on the roster. We do believe that the head coach will find the right formula for the offense.

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