Ex-Patriot Chris Long Says Team Suffered Another Loss That Was ‘As Big A Deal As Gronk’

The New England Patriots lost Rob Gronkowski to retirement, and it was a major issue for the team. Being without Gronk is something New England players aren’t used to because he was a key player of the offense. The Patriots are 6-0 at this point of the season, and their top signal caller is 42. The team is plagued with injuries, and Chris Long says they lost more than Gronk.

Phillip Dorsett sat out Week 6. First-round draft pick N’Keal Harry has yet to make his debut with the team.

The former Patriots defensive end says the defending champions have a lot more to think about.

“They’ve got their work cut out for them because they lost

[fullback James]

Develin to IR and that’s as big a deal as Gronk,” Long told AOL Sports on behalf of Crown Royal. He won Super Bowl LI with both players in New England.

The retired defensive end discussed the losses on the offensive line. Tackle Isaiah Wynn and center David Andrews left a void, and Long urges the Patriots to solve this problem prior to the trade deadline. Wynn or Develin may return from injured reserve this season. The team can only activate two players off IR in a season. Harry is already here, so the Pats will have to make a decision.

“They are still a team that’s going to figure it out by November and December because that’s what they do,” Long said, and called the Patriots “amazingly adaptive” amid all issues they deal with at the moment.

“They really consider September and October like a preseason, where they figure out who they are as a team, and then in November and December, they make a run.”

The Patriots defense is really strong this season and the same applies to special teams. Devin McCourty has four interceptions, and linebackers Jamie Collins and Kyle Can Noy have each forced two fumbles. Collins also has 4.5 sacks on the season.

“This team has morphed through their six Super Bowls from being defensive teams to being offensive teams and now back to being a bit of a defensive team,” Long said. “But I wouldn’t count them out offensively, ever.”

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