LeBron James Opens Up About Intense Conversation With Anthony Davis After Lakers Win

LeBron James and Anthony Davis had their first game together. They played really well against the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry and his team lost the preseason opener, and it was a game worth watching. This game showed the world that LeBron and Davis can do wonders. However, that doesn’t change the fact that these two still criticize each other.

Davis finished with 22 points and 10 rebounds in 18 minutes.

LeBron said he needs advice from Davis on the things he needs to work on.

“It’s never easy to build but it’s been very good because of the relationship we had before becoming team-mates,” he said.

We able to be straight forward with one another and not sugarcoat anything and not take anything personal, being able to take constructive criticism. He gets in my ear, I get in his ear, but it’s all for the better of each other. Trying to make each other better and challenge each other, which ultimately will be better for the team.”

King James had words of praise for his new teammate.

“He’s very intelligent out on the floor,” he said. “He knows exactly where he wants to get on the floor. His ability to rebound and block shots as well – he’s a very efficient player.”

It was an important game for the king of basketball. He missed too much time last season, and he is more than ready for the real games in the regular season.

“I had some jitters tonight,” he said. “I had some butterflies in my stomach, and also just straight-up excitement. And also a little bit of nervousness, too, because I got hurt in the Bay [Area] when I was at full strength. So it’s great to get back out there and have a lot of fun. I didn’t even think about it being a preseason game. I thought about it being a game and how we can get better. I didn’t want to take it lightly because it was a preseason game. I think none of us did. We got better today.”The Lakers are playing the Brooklyn Nets this week.

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