Paul George Takes Shot At Lakers And Lebron, Says Clippers Have A Better Duo

Paul George is messing with the wrong guys. According to him, he and Kawhi Leonard are the best dui in the NBA.

George finished third in MVP voting last year. He joined forces with Kawhi Leonard who helped the Raptors win their first title in his lone season with the team.

LeBron has so much to offer, and Davis is the perfect addition. If you ask Frank Vogel, he will say that he has the best duo in the NBA.

“We got the best of them, of all the duos,” he said. “We have two top-five players, two guys that really just do it all. And I’d put those two guys against anybody in the league.

“I do want to have LeBron and AD play as much together as possible in practice because they’re going to be the ones who play the most together throughout the season. So I want to get that chemistry accelerated as much as possible. But the guys around them are going to change every practice.”

George is satisfied with his new team, but he won’t play in the preseason.

“I’m where I want to be right now at this point in the season almost starting. I like where the progression is going. I will be out of the preseason,” he told ESPN. “As of now, I’ll be out of October fully, but who knows? We’ll see. In the November range is our target date.”

Playing with Leonard and the rest of the guys is something George looks forward to, and he has high opinion of his new team.

“The second this came together, we were all in the group chat talking, laughing and building that togetherness and camaraderie,” he said of his new teammates. “That relationship was established early. We fast-forwarded all that getting to know each other stuff. You seize the opportunity.”

There will be a lot of pressure throughout the season, and George will have to be in his best shape to compete against LeBron and AD.

“I’m used to being in this rehab stage and knowing what it takes to get my body prepared and up to speed,” George said. “It’s a long process, but going through it [previously] with a drastic injury in my leg, I know what to expect. I know what pressure to put on myself and what pressure not to put on myself as well. I’m just in a good place. I know what I need to do. I know what I’m capable of. I know when my body’s ready.

“Hopefully by June we’re the last team standing. It’s going to be scary. We really have a chance to do something special on the defensive end.”

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