Ex-Eagles Quarterback Calls Tom Brady The GOAT, Praises Patriots

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the GOAT, and former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb confirms that. McNabb talked to Mie Greger about his loss to the greatest player of all times in Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005.

The quarterback explained that he and the 42-year-old quarterback had a duel and it was their only Super bowl. He didn’t forget to mention that it still hurts. Well, he lost to the GOAT, and this fact helped him overcome the loss.

New England defeated Philadelphia, 24-21, in Super Bowl XXXIX to win their third Super Bowl. TB12 outplayed McNabb after completing 23 of 33 passes for 236 yards and two touchdowns. McNabb went 30-51 for 367 yards and three touchdowns but had three interceptions.

“Tom and I had that kind of duel and it was our only Super Bowl but still it hurts,” he said. “To look back and to lose to the GOAT … it’s one that I still get pissed off about but then I go, ‘OK I get it.’”

McNabb is still angry at himself for losing, but he lost to the GOAT, and sort of goes over it. He led the team to 94 wins in his 11 seasons.

In this interview, McNabb compared the then-Eagles team to the Patriots for their winning culture, noting that he and TB12 were on the same boat for ten years. The retired signal-caller said the Patriots, Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts had a consistent winning percentage every year in the past. He also explained that fans have hard time realizing that being consistent is really tough. That’s why he gives a lot of credit to the Patriots’ quarterback and his team.

“People don’t realize how hard it is to be consistent. That’s why you give a lot of credit to Tom Brady and the Patriots,” McNabb said.

The GOAT has a mission

When it comes to New England, the Patriots have just one loss this season. They lost the match to the Baltimore Ravens, and made a few mistakes that led to such a terrible outcome. Brady would never accept a 37-20 loss, but that’s how things turned out for his team. The Ravens were pretty tough, and Lamar Jackson was great on the field. Brady gave him credit for the incredible work, but this doesn’t change the fact that he’s the GOAT.  

Let’s not forget that Brady doesn’t like being called the GOAT. He likes to play the game and help the team win Super Bowls. New England has six, and Brady is off to another big win. Let’s be honest, they have a really good chance to become champions again.


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