LeBron James Reacts To Reaching 1000th 20-Point Game

Lakers superstar LeBron James is the greatest player in the world of basketball. He made history during the game against his former team, the Miami Heat. LeBron is playing his best basketball, and it’s more than awesome to see him play at high performance.

LeBron scored 25 points as the Lakers had their seventh consecutive win this season. The 95-80 win was awesome, and LeBron proved doubters wrong. I mean, he is 34, and he keeps scoring triple-doubles in every game he plays.

At this moment, LeBron is the third player in the NBA history to have 1000 regular-season games in which he has scored 20 points or more. The king of basketball joined Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The groin injury was so terrible that LeBron played just 55 games. He thought that this would be enough to help the team become contenders, but that didn’t happen. The Lakers were pushed out of the playoffs race at the very same moment LeBron suffered his groin injury. Well, this injury was actually LeBron’s greatest motivation, and that helps him score even more points.

If you ask the king, he will say that this is his personal motivations. LeBron is extra motivated to put himself in a position where he belongs. It’s his personal motivation every night he steps on the floor. Yes, the king won’t accept anything less than being great. We’d say that he is the greatest.

“It’s my personal motivation,” he said. “I’m extra motivated to put myself in a position where I belong, so it’s my personal motivation every single night I step on the floor to be great.”

In the close season, LeBron was shooting scenes for Space Jam 2. He talked about the lengths he went to in order to adjust his increased workload.

LeBron’s call time every morning was at 6:30 am. He was at the gym at 3-4 o’clock in the morning before shooting for 12, 13-14 hours. That’s tough.

Yes, we’ve seen that and much more. LeBron knows how much he puts into his “craft.” Well, eve when he was shooting his movie, he knew what was the most important thing.

“My call time every morning was at 6:30am and I was in the gym at like 3-4 o’clock in the morning before shooting for 12, 13-14 hours,” he said. “If you follow me, you’ve probably seen it a couple of times. I just know how much I put into my craft. The main thing is, even when I was shooting the movie, I knew what was most important. That’s me getting ready for the fall. Always had that in the front of my mind. It’s my personal pressure that I’m putting on myself. I don’t really believe in pressure much, but I believe in myself and what I’m capable of.”

Getting ready for the regular season. He had that written in his mind, and this sort of created an extra pressure for him. LeBron believes in himself and what he is capable of.

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