NBA Champ Says LeBron Is Better Than Kawhi Leonard

LeBron James is a Laker now, and he is also the best player in the NBA, a Raptors legend and a two-time NBA champion said that LeBron is better than Kawhi Leonard.

Retired NBA star Chris Bosh is a former Toronto Raptor like Leonard and a former Miami Heat like LeBron. Aside from being part of the old teams of both NBA stars, Bosh is also one of those who played side-by-side with King James during the best times of his career.

In his interview with Complex, Bosh listed his top 10 best NBA players. According to the legend, LeBron and Leonard are the top two players in the NBA. He mentioned that it’s not really important who sits on the no. 1 spot. Well, Bosh is pretty sure that LeBron is the most talented basketball player in the league despite his age.

“It don’t really matter but yeah,” Bosh said. “If you’re still asking if he’s the best player and his 35 years old, then he he’s the best player.”

Bosh also said that LeBron will be rejuvenated, adding that he has a very complete team.

“Cause he’s gonna be rejuvenated. I think (he) has a very complete team.”

The stats of Kawhi Leonard and King James

If you look at the statistics, LeBron and Leonard are pretty much the same. Leonard has defeated the king in 21 meetings, and won six of nine regular-season games and seven of twelve postseason games since 2012.

However, LeBron has a bit of a scoring edge. He outscored Leonard in both regular and postseason games. LeBron is more likely to get the assist as he averages nearly four more helpers per game with the two square off. Leonard is more likely to sing his free throws, making 83 percent of his attempts compared to LeBron’s 70 percent in the regular season.

Both Leonard and the king are similar in terms of playing time. They average just over 36 minutes on the floor during the regular season. In the postseason, LeBron has a little more than Leonard (5 mins).

When it comes to 3-point shooting, Leonard has completed 34 percent of his 3-point attempts in the regular season. LeBron has made 36.1 percent. In the postseason, Leonard has finished 45.2 percent of his shots from beyond the arc, compared to LeBron’s 42.6 percent.

This will be a long season, and the Clippers will try to catch up with the Lakers.

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