Drew Bledsoe Makes Honest Admission About Tom Brady

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick by the New England Patriots. He was No.199 overall in the 2000 NFL Draft. Drew Bledsoe had the lead role for the Patriots, and Brady was signed as a backup quarterback.

In a profile by E:60 called “Better With Age,” Drew Bledsoe shared his first impression of Tom Brady. Bledsoe viewed TB12 as a player who would be a career backup. He thought Brady would be similar to Jason Garrett.

He’s never gonna be a starter… he’s gonna be Jason Garrett or one of those guys who’s just gonna be around forever,” Bledsoe thought of TB12.

He was absolutely wrong. Bledsoe got injured in 2001, and Brady got the starting job. Things took a really good turn for Brady and he won the Super Bowl that year. New England sent Bledsoe to the Buffalo Bulls in the offseason.

Drew Bledsoe’s backup became the GOAT

Brady was much more than a backup player. He actually stole his job and became the greatest of all times. This is a clear example for everyone who tries to underestimate other players.

TB12 won six Super Bowls with the Patriots, and he is off to another championship win. The Patriots were eliminated in the playoff run after losing the wild-card game to the Tennessee Titans. This stole their chance to win another Lombardi Trophy, but Brady is ready to offer something else.

This will be a big season for the Patriots as they are off to some great changes. Brady is set to become a free agent in March, and some say he will leave the Patriots in free agency. Well, Brady likes his team, and he won’t go anywhere. He has spent his entire career with the Patriots, and you can’t just underestimate the success he had in his 20 years as a Patriot.

March is a big month, and Bledsoe’s backup quarterback actually owns the NFL. Brady will have to make a big decision and hopefully, he will return for another season with the Patriots. Danny Amendola can’t imagine seeing Brady wearing a different uniform. Let’s see what happens in March.

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