Julian Edelman Betting $100K On Tom Brady Vs. Bill Belichick Super Bowl

The New England Patriots made the playoffs this season. They will play the wild-card game against the Buffalo Bills on Saturday. It’s an important game for the team and the Patriots will have to win it. Patriots players want to win the Super Bowl, right? When it comes to the big game, Julian Edelman is betting on his former team in the Super Bowl. Oh wait, that’s not all. Edelman also threw Tom Brady in the mix.

The former Patriots wide receiver wagered $100,000 that head coach Bill Belichick will go against TB12 in Super Bowl LVI. TMZ Sports was the first to confirm the report.

Julian Edelman is betting on Coach B and TB12 in the Super Bowl

Edelman is a genius. He may be out of the NFL but he follows every move in the league. He follows every move the Patriots make. It’s hilarious. Edelman may have some beef with Tom Brady but he would really love to see his former teammate in the Super Bowl. Seeing him play against Belichick is a big deal, right?

The 2018 Super Bowl MVP got the money for the wager to promote a brand. Well, he reinvested the money. Hilarious, right? Maybe Edelman has a feeling about this game. He has been around for a while, so he probably knows a thing or too. The wideout knows Belichick really well. He also knows Brady. Both the Patriots and Buccaneers had a good season. It will be fun watching them square off.

Who will get the best of this game?

TMZ Sports says the payout goes as high as $545,000. This particular bet was placed in-house and Edelman used brand-sponsored money.

Brady’s team is the No.2 seed in the NFX. New England is the No.6 seed in the AFC.

Belichick has already played against Brady. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones was brilliant during the game and the Patriots almost won it. Jones didn’t have much NFL experience and was still able to match the greatest quarterback of all time. A Super Bowl rematch would be the cherry on top for the 2021 NFL season.