Report: Patriots’ Julian Edelman Just Got Arrested

Julian Edelman had an amazing season with the New England Patriots despite the fact that the team was eliminated from the playoff run. However, the wild-card loss isn’t the only problem Edelman has at the moment. The wideout got arrested.

The Patriots wideout was arrested Saturday night in Beverley Hills after jumping on the hood of a Mercedes. The information was confirmed by several sources.

An unknown civilian reported the incident to the police, and Edelman was later arrested for misdemeanor vandalism. The wideout was released and left the police station accompanied by his friends.

TMZ reported about the incident. Police officers said Edelman was in Beverley Hills at 9 p.m. PT when he decided to jump on the car and caused damage. The police was already working in the area to clear a robbery case.

“Law enforcement sources tell us it went down this way … Julian was in Bev Hills walking around at around 9 p.m. PT when for some unknown reason he hopped up on the car, causing damage. Bad news for Julian … cops were in the area working a robbery case, when someone flagged them down and gave them the low down.”

We don’t know if the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office plans to file charges against the Patriots wideout.

It’s been a week since the Patriots lost the game to the Tennessee Titans. Edelman is also expected to undergo multiple surgeries to fix his knee and shoulder. Although the wideout had an incredible season, he played through pain. Edelman is a “terminator” like most teammates like to call him, but he has to have these surgeries in order to prepare well for the upcoming season.

Experts agree that Edelman’s injuries would have ended another player’s career. Well, Edelman is really tough. This doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t have jumped on that car.

Let’s see what happens in the next few hours. Will Edelman bear the consequences of his action? He damaged someone’s car, and that’s not something you ignore. The car’s owner will have to make a decision. Is Edelman facing a lawsuit?

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