Tom Brady Shares Sweet Anniversary Message To His Wife Gisele

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his lovely wife Gisele Bundchen celebrate their 11th anniversary. Gisele shared a photo of them and the wedding cake they had right after the ceremony. The quarterback did the same. Brady took to his Instagram account to share two photos of his lovely Gisele.

In the first photo, Gisele stands in front of the place where they met. In the other photo, we can see Vivi and Benny holding their heads in Gisele’s lap.

“The first slide is where we met and the second slide is what we’ve become. You have always been the one to hold us up and you love us the way no one else can. And we love you so much in return. Happy Anniversary Love of my Life”

Tom and Gisele celebrate their anniversary

Brady respects Gisele for everything she has done for him. She gave up on her modeling career to take care of her family. Of course, she still does her projects, but her modeling career is put on hold. Brady respects his beautiful wife for everything she has become. She is a loving mother of two and a devoted wife.

Brady and Gisele have talked about their marriage on so many occasions. It’s something challenging because they both have careers. They are ambitious and the kids are here too.

For Gisele, it’s all about being present. She has to be there for her husband and kids every time they need her. Well, this has helped her keep her family together. That’s what moms do. “Glue” everything together.

In her book, Gisele shared her secret for a successful marriage. It wasn’t always easy. They found out that Bridget Moynahan was pregnant at the beginning of their romance. Luckily, they got over the pregnancy and today, they work really well together. They are raising a kid together. That’s how grownups act.

Brady and Gisele have the perfect marriage, and they always steal the spotlight. Gisele helped Brady win Super Bowls with the way she supports him. They will sure have an excellent celebration today. Brady has all the time in this world and he has yet to make a decision on his career.

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