Tedy Bruschi Shares Hilarious Message Wishing Bill Belichick A Happy Birthday

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick turns 68 today, and Tedy Bruschi picked the most hilarious way to wish him a happy birthday.

The former Patriots linebacker took to his Instagram account to share a nice message for Belichick. Was it really nice? Belichick may not like it at all. In his message, Bruschi called him “an old man” and used the word “smile.” Well, Belichick prefers pulling out a grin instead of laughing. When was the last time you saw him smile?

Retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was really impressed with Belichick’s grin after New England won. He hadn’t seen him smile during his time with the Patriots.

Belichick may hit another milestone after his 68th birthday

Jokes aside, Belichick celebrates 68 years of greatness. He is the best head coach in the NFL, and his players have learned so much from him. Belichick has accomplished a lot in his coaching career, and he is about to make history.

The great Belichick is set to become the sixth coach in the league history to coach a game past 68. The other five coaches are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (George Halas, Marv Levy) or have won at least one Lombardi Trophy (Pete Carroll, Dick Vermeil, Tom Coughlin).

How far will Belichick go before he retires? If he coaches five more seasons, he may surpass Levy. Levy has the most wins after his 68th birthday.

The head coach will enter 2020 without Tom Brady. This may affect his numbers. We don’t really believe that Belichick is chasing milestones. But, some believe that his numbers will drop in the upcoming season. Belichick and Brady worked together for two decades. They won six Super Bowls together. Will the Patriots be able to make a Super Bowl appearance without TB12? The McCourty twins are positive about this. Belichick has second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham on the roster. Journeyman Brian Hoyer is also there. The great Bill will sure do something. He has a plan, and his plans always work.

For now, the greatest of all coaches is busy celebrating his birthday. He may not be able to do anything fancy due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Linda will sure surprise him with a nice surprise.