Cam Newton Just Shared A Video Showing His Arm Strenght Proving Why Patriots Should Take A Note

The Carolina Panthers parted ways with veteran quarterback Cam Newton two months ago, and the New England Patriots haven’t shown any interest in him. Yet. The 2015 NFL MVP is still available. Yes, Newton has yet to find a home in the NFL. Many fans have discussed his physical condition and health. Will Newton’s arm strength help NFL teams win games? He may have talent, but his physical condition may be an issue.

In the past couple of years, Newton has sustained a lot of serious injuries. He had a shoulder injury after the 2018 season. In 2019, he missed 14 games. The team placed Newton on injured reserve after he suffered a lisfranc injury in September.

NFL teams couldn’t have Newton for a visit to check out his skills due to the coronavirus pandemic. Medical teams have to check Newton before he signs a deal with any team. That’s why he wasn’t able to meet teams by now.

Newton is well aware of the fact that most teams would be interested in his physical strength. He shared a few workout videos this week to show everyone that he has so much to offer. Well, NFL coaches better take notes, because Newton looks amazing. His arm strength is impressive, and he can easily fit in any team.

In one particular video, Newton shows that his arm strength can really allow him to make difficult throws.

Newton may not be throwing against defenders, but there’s no room for concern here. The most important aspect of this video is his ability to throw the ball downfield. The throw Newton makes in the video is actually a pass that he had trouble completing in the past two seasons.

Cam Newton may be a player of interest for the Patriots

In February 2019, the former Panthers quarterback admitted that he couldn’t throw the ball more than 30 yards because of his shoulder.

“I felt like defenses was exposing me because I couldn’t throw the ball down field,” Newton said back then. “Not being in a position physically to be able to make the throws that you know you’re capable of making, that was the disheartening thing of the whole year.”

Newton has only started two games in 2019. Some were really concerned about his shoulder, but it turns out that he is better now.