NFL Insider Predicts Patriots’ Draft Pick Replacement For Tom Brady

The New England Patriots may get a nice replacement for quarterback Tom Brady. His departure won’t leave the team with empty hands, and the Patriots will probably get a nice compensation.

Experts have been doing projections for the 2021 NFL Draft, and Brady’s departure will give the Patriots a third-round compensatory pick. The Patriots had to cope with several free agent losses. Head coach Bill Belichick will probably get three additional picks. According to estimations, the Patriots will have the third and two fourth-rounders.

Lance Zierlein wrote that “the formula is very straightforward here,” adding that the Patriots lost five qualifiers and collected two free agents “with very modest contracts to cancel out the lower-end free agents.” Brady and Van Noy will give the Patriots a third-round pick and a fourth-rounder, respectively. Collins is likely to bring in a fourth-round pick. That’s the predictions Lance Zierlein made.

A replacement for Tom Brady?

All three former Patriots signed great deals in free agency. Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He signed a $50 million contract and will probably retire as a Buccaneer. Brady will stay in Tampa for at least two years. Will he move on from there? Van Noy got $51 million from his contract with the Miami Dolphins. Collins joined the Detroit Lions and he received a $30 million deal. According to estimations, only the Cowboys will get more compensatory picks (four) than the Patriots in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Patriots will enter a new season and this will be their first season without Brady. The quarterback couldn’t reach an agreement with the team and decided to take his talents somewhere else. Some sources suggest that the Patriots let Brady go, adding that they didn’t really try that hard to keep him. The same sources claim that the Patriots were ready to move on without the star quarterback. This may be true because Belichick said he likes Jarrett Stidham. The second-year quarterback will probably lead the Patriots in September. Brian Hoyer will step in as a backup quarterback. He is no threat to Stidham. What about those saying that the Patriots are ready to tank the season and pick Lawrence in 2021?