Paul Pierce Takes Another Shoot At LeBron James

Paul Pierce doesn’t like LeBron James at all. Unlike him, Kendrick Perkins has nothing but words of praise for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. Pierce believes that the Miami Heat should have had more success with the Big 3. They had LeBron, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. For Pierce, this was more than enough for the team to have greater success.

“Let’s be honest. When we saw that LeBron was going to Miami with D Wade and Chris Bosh, did you not think they would run the table? It was like, that team, nobody can beat them. They should’ve been 1-4, they skated with 2-4 but they probably should’ve won 3 out of 4.”

Paul Pierce never liked LeBron

Last week, Pierce said LeBron doesn’t belong to his top-5 NBA players of all-time. He listed Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and a couple of other icons. LeBron was nowhere near the top. He said that LeBron is not a top-5 player because he has never built an organization, adding that he has always joined an established organization. According to him, this was a major difference between him and MJ.

Kendrick discussed the topic with Pierce on the Countdown show. Perkins had the perfect response to his comments.

“All I know is it was a lot easier to win against Kobe Bryant than it was against LeBron James,” he said. “You can talk if you want to talk, but I was right there in the thick of things with you. I know he (Pierce) had to really prep for LeBron James and when we got to the Lakers it was smacked up six.”

There are so many perspectives about King James, and pretty much everyone has LeBron in their top 5. The 35-year-old is in the midst of his 17th season in the NBA. He has three titles on his back, and he was a four-time NBA MVP. LeBron was also a three-time Finals MVP. This is not something you underestimate.

Pierce relies on his hate for LeBron. He never liked him. The problem between these two was born at the very same moment LeBron joined the NBA.