Vanessa Bryant Makes Strong Statement Using Kobe Bryant I Can’t Breathe Photo

The death of George Floyd turned the entire county into a big mess. The African-American died at the hands of Minnesota police officers, and the tragedy caused an outburst in the country. People of all ages and races have been protesting in US streets to call for justice. Racial injustice has been a dormant volcano for quite some time, and this is one of its eruptions. People have left their homes to be heard. Millions of people are desperately trying to speak up. Vanessa Bryant delivered a really bold message in support of all the protesters in the street. She shared an old photo of Kobe Bryant wearing his I Can’t Breathe shirt six years ago.

Kobe Bryant witnessed another I Can’t Breathe moment six years ago

Vanessa was trying to make everyone understand that we share the same similarities and qualities as people. Bryant’s lady encouraged everyone to drive out hate and learn more about respect and love. She also gave a nice suggestion. Maybe we should really teach our children more about love and respect. It’s time to spread love.

At the end of her message, Vanessa encouraged people to fight for change and “register to vote.” It’s time to be an example of the change everyone wants to see.

Floyd had the same destiny as Eric Garner. Six years ago, a video of Garner’s arrest and death caused similar chaos, and the entire nation heard him say “I can’t breathe” over and over again.

Vanessa learned a lot from her experience, and she used her unexpected loss to speak up. She knows really well that life is too short and precious to let hate poison us all.

The Los Angeles Lakers also released a statement on racial injustice. A lot of athletes and celebrities have spoken on Floyd’s death and the general problem that has yet to be solved.

We all crave for a change, but no one has actually done anything to make that change happen. This was a rather terrible tragedy for Floyd’s family and everyone who knew him, but the problem goes deeper than that. We do hope that everyone will find the peace and justice they have been looking for.