Watch: Remembering When Julian Edelman Threw a 51-Yard TD to Danny Amendola in the Playoffs

Julian Edelman is an important part of the Patriots roster, and many remember his incredible pass to Danny Amendola. The Patriots wdeout has been a vital part of the team’s success in the past decade. Jules, as Tom Brady likes to call him, has taken the slot role from Wes Welker. He has been an excellent receiver and the Patriots really like him. Edelman knows how to step up his game when the team most needs him.

Edelman has also stepped up in so many ways for the team including going outside his spot. You can tell that by the way he threw that touchdown pass in the playoffs. This happened in the Patriots’ 2014-15 Super Bowl efforts.

Julian Edelman to Danny Amendola

This play was more than brilliant. It was a game of beauty. first, the play looks like a quick screen to the Patriots wideout in the flats. The Patriots have actually had great success in this type of moves. Edelman even had Gronk out in front of him to block. This looked like it could have been a really huge play if he tucked and run. However, Jules’ first read of a deep pass was wide open.

Amendola caught the defense being dormant, and he escaped down the sideline. There was no pressure on him, and this was a nice pass for Edelman to step into. He delivered a big shot for a 51-yard touchdown.

Edelman was a college quarterback at Kent State. He was more than capable of hitting a wide-open receiver going down the gield. Head coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots are well aware of the Patriots’ skills. They have used this in the most brilliant way. As you can see, it’s not only QBs that can throw the ball in Foxboro.

Jules threw his second touchdowns pass in 2019, connecting with Phillip Dorsett for a 15-yard score.

The Patriots will enter a big season in September, and they will be more than pleased to do that with Edelman by his side. He is the veteran leader of the team now, and his teammates really like him.