Everybody Made Same Joke After Patriots Assigned Cam Newton Jersey Number

The New England Patriots signed Cam Newton and he will wear a really specific jersey number. Well, that’s how some people describe this. The Patriots’ signing of the former Carolina Panthers quarterback went through the NFL’s transaction wire Wednesday. Head coach Bill Belichick added the veteran quarterback to the roster, and he has already assigned a jersey number to Newton. The quarterback will wear No. 1 with the team. That’s the same number he had during his time with the Panthers.

Newton is the fourth player in the team history to wear this number. The quarterback joins the likes of Newton joins John Smith, Tony Franklin, and Eric Schubert. Let’s not forget that Pat Patriot had the same number throughout his career with the team.

Well, this triggered an avalanche of reactions, and pretty much every Patriot made the same joke.

“What did Pat Patriot get for giving up his number?” someone wrote.

Another person added, “Well Cam is wearing number one for the Pats I hope that Pat Patriot knows this cause I think he’s gonna be pissed.”

Cam Newton stole the jersey number of Pat Patriot?

What number will Pat Patriot wear in the upcoming season? We don’t really believe that he will get No. 12. The Patriots have to make a decision regarding Tom Brady’s number. He is playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now, and the Patriots will probably retire his number. Yes, Brady is wearing No. 12 in Tampa. That’s his number.

New England enters a challenging chapter, and this one won’t contain Brady’s name. The Patriots will have to make a decision, and their choices are pretty clear. Second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham, veteran journeyman Brian Hoyer, and Newton are the only options New England has right now. Well, let’s not forget that they also got two undrafted quarterbacks after the 2020 NFL Draft.

Newton joins a talented group, and he will play alongside Julian Edelman, Mohamed Sanu, N’Keal Harry and many others. If he gets the starting job, the Patriots will have the 2015 NFL MVP on the floor. Newton helped the team make the Super Bowl in 2015, but he didn’t win it. He made a name for himself though.