Former MLB Champion Blasts LeBron James For Supposedly Dressing Like a Woman

LeBron James is dressing like a woman, apparently. He is also currently the king of the NBA. He has been on top of the league for years now and the entire NBA knows it. Everything he does and apparently, wears, is looked at under a microscope. Well, this new story might just take the cake for the craziest one we’ve seen yet.

Los Angeles Lakers super star LeBron James has now been blasted for his clothes and accessory choices from former major league baseball player Aubrey Huff.

We aren’t sure exactly what it is that LeBron is carrying, either. But it definitely doesn’t look like a purse.

LeBron James has been named to Vanity Fair‘s 2018 Best-Dressed list in the past. Huff probably doesn’t care about this it is worth mentioning.

Huff was well known and played a total of 13 seasons quite a few different teams from 2000 to 2012. While his time with the San Francisco Giants, Huff ended up winning a World Series.

Former MLB Champion Blasts LeBron James For Supposedly Dressing Like a Woman

From the time he has left the MLB, Huff has become kind of a conservative voice, using Twitter to voice his right wing opinions.

It has become very apparent that Huff is very much against the kneeling that the player have been doing. This is in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

But rather than trying to better understand why the players feel the need to kneel, he has gone on to blast him for what he wears and does. This doesn’t really seem like a fair way to go about things.

If we had to guess, LeBron is not going to waste his time responding or even caring what Huff has to say about his wardrobe. He is far too busy trying to get the Lakers back on track.

LeBron knows that what he has done on the court is far superior to anything Huff could ever dream about. So he ins’t really worried about what someone might say about his fashion choices.

What do you think about what Huff had to say about LeBron?