Colin Cowherd Sums Up Patriots’ Week 1 Performance in Three Words

Colin Cowherd had some interesting things to say about the Patriots. The New England Patriots were able to prove to the NFL world that they are not done with anything as of yet. It seemed like they were after the end of the 2019 season. With Tom Brady leaving for Tampa Bay, it seemed like the Patriots were going to have to start over fresh. But Bill Belichick had other ideas on his mind. He quickly looked at former NFL MVP Cam Newton as a replacement.

However, despite the calls for a rebuild, it seems like Belichick’s excellence has won over again. Newton played very well in Week 1. He ran for 2 touchdowns behind some great offensive line play. This was no surprise to Belichick, who talked about Newton before the season.

“Being with him every day, he’s an extremely hard-working player,” Belichick continued. “First guy in, last one out type of guy. He really has studied hard and he has spent a lot of extra time trying to learn our offense and our communication and our calls, and nomenclature and so forth. Yeah, I’ve been very impressed with that. He’s done a good job of picking it up. He’s a very skilled athlete and we’re just working through it day-by-day.”

Colin Cowherd Sums Up Patriots’ Week 1 Performance in Three Words

“We have a long way to go,” Belichick added, “but we’re making steps and we have a very competitive competition at a very competitive position at the quarterback spot. So it’s going to be interesting to see how everybody does.”

The New England fans were not the only people who were impressed with Cam Newton’s play. However, Fox Sports 1’s Colin Cowherd also talked about Newton. He seemed very high on his ability to run. It will be very interesting to see how he does going forward.

“Dolphins-Patriots: Lights, Cam, action,” Cowherd said on Monday’s addition of “The Herd.” “Only quarterback with multiple rushing touchdowns in Week 1. Fifteen carries — that’s the most carries by any Patriots quarterback in franchise history. They realized what he was. I’ll tell you what, (Bill) Belichick needs him. Cam needs Belichick. A little harmony. Now, it was the Dolphins. They were favored by a touchdown. It was a nice opening week for Cam.”

Newton was definitely impressive this week. However, keep in mind that this was his first game since week 2 of last season. However, to be fair, it was against a very mediocre opponent in the Miami Dolphins.

What do you think about what Cowherd had to say? Do you agree with him?