LeBron James-Bashing Analyst Eats Crow, Makes Bold Lakers Claim

There is one sports analyst that just will not give LeBron James a break. It seems like all we hear about is how much of a pro LeBron is. And that is true, at least for the most part. But there are a few people that disagree. One of those people is Skip Bayless, who continually bashes LeBron and his team for who knows what reason. Is it jealousy? Is it greed? Who knows.

Since the beginning of the NBA season, Bayless has been saying that the Clippers were the best team in the league. He said that they were the team that was going to take down LeBron and his team and get the the Finals out of the West.

Now, we have seen what the Clippers are really all about. They had a 3-1 lead on the Denver Nuggets. But then Denver fought back and tied it up at 3-3. After that, it seemed like it was over for the Clippers. Mike Malone and the Denver Nuggets beat the Clippers in game 7.

LeBron James-Bashing Analyst Eats Crow, Makes Bold Lakers Claim

As a result of the Clippers loss, Bayless did say a quick congratulations to LeBron. He went ahead and already gave him the Finals trophy even though they are far from winning the championship. In order to win the Finals, they will have to get past the Western Conference Finals and the Finals unscathed.

Will this happen? We obviously do not know yet. Here is what Bayless said to LeBron after the Clippers loss:

“Congrats, LeBron, you just avoided the only team that could’ve beaten you,” Bayless wrote. “YOU JUST WON YOUR 4TH CHAMPIONSHIP, MY MAN.”

For what it is worth, the Denver Nuggets head coach Mike Malone did have some nice things to say after the victory.

“We’re not afraid of anybody,” Nuggets coach Michael Malone said on Tuesday night after Game 7. “And I think we’ve proven that time and time again.”

“So proud. All the guys, never got down, believed in each other. Believed in themselves,” Malone said. “In light of all the noise outside this series that we had no chance. We have people guaranteeing it. We found a way to beat a really good team three times. I’ve run out of things to say.”