Report: NFL Fines Patriots For COVID-19 Violations

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has something to say about the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints. The Patriots organization will now receive a big fine for COVID-19 violations, and the same applies to the Saints. Both teams have already received similar fines. For other causes, of course. We are just trying to point out to the fact that both the Patriots and the Saints have been through the whole thing.

The league punished the teams for coronavirus violations. The information was confirmed by Ian Rapoport from NFL Media Sunday morning. New England received a $350,000 fine, and New Orleans received a $500,000 goodie and will loose a future seventh-round draft pick. Belichick and his team will receive the fine for issues surrounding the coronavirus outbreak in Octber. New Orleans had to anser for a mask-less locker room celebration in November. Yes, we all saw that.

Will this be enough to make NFL teams to enforce NFL protocols? We will see this in the near future.

“Sources: The #Patriots were fined $350K for COVID-19 protocol violations stemming from issues in October when Cam Newton & others tested positive. The #Saints were fined $500K and docked a 7th round pick for their mask-less locker room celebration. They are repeat offenders.”

Patriots move on with the season following COVID-19 violations

New England is playing the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. New Orleans will have a road game against the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have many issues to solve at the moment.

The situation is less than positive, and New England played without the starting quarterback. Cam Newton had coronavirus in October and had to miss some time on the field. Veteran cornerback Stephon Gilmore and a few other players ended up on the reserve/COVID-19 list. New England is great now and there are no reports on similar cases. Their next opponents are dealing with one positive test and the NFL is paying close attention to the whole thing.

Losing key players to injuries and COVID-19 is one of the biggest problems NFL teams have faced this season. Hopefully, the situation will improve by the end of the regular season. The Patriots were plagued with injuries and Julian Edelman is still out.