Lakers Alex Caruso Shows Off Drastic New Look

Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso surprised everyone with his new appearance. NBA fans have shared their reactions and most of them approve Caruso’s move.

The young Laker shaved off his hair and the new look is related to his partnership with Manscaped. Caruso shaved off his hair, and Manscaped donated $10,000 to the Testicular Cancer Society.

“I’m pumped to support this great cause and the new look isn’t too bad either!” the Lakers guard said.

Lakers fans support Alex Caruso

Caruso has received a lot of attention in 2020. His headband look made headlines last season, and Caruso thanked his former teammate JaVale McGee.

“My new stylist JaVale McGee has been helping me out,” Caruso said last season. “We just decided yesterday at practice after goofing around and just stuck with today. Played good with it tonight, so I guess we’re going to stay with it for now. Not a one-time thing. We’re going to stay with it.”

Caruso gathered an army of fans during his time in LA. He has 1.4 million Instagram followers. Being an internet sensation is quite a challenge and Caruso knows it best.

“It did get to a point to where I was just sitting back and literally anything I did, somebody would tweet about it, or somebody was reporting on it,” he said. “And at a certain point I was just like, ‘this is just like borderline annoying.’ It was to the point where it’s like, let’s just focus on basketball, and we’re having so much success on the court that I would love for it to be more about that than me doing a random play in a game.”

This takes us all the way to the list of nicknames Caruso got in his NBA career. Bald Mamba, Bald Eagle… Four-time NBA champion likes to call him the GOAT.

Caruso won’t play in Wednesday’s game against the Phoenix Suns. He is treating his hip flexor strain. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel didn’t provide too much info on his health condition. We know that the guard is doubtful for the third preseason game against Phoenix.