Kendrick Perkins Makes Bold Statement on LeBron James’ GOAT Status

The GOAT debate has attracted the attention of so many people. Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan? NBA experts have taken sides. LeBron’s former teammate Kendrick Perkins had something to say about the whole situation. Is LeBron the GOAT?

According to Perkins, LeBron would be the “undisputed GOAT” if he and his current team defeat the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA Finals. Yes, this comes on top of the hottest blockbuster trade. The Nets brought James Harden in town and now he is joining forces with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Of course, Irving has to return to the field first.

Irving’s absence has been making headlines for quite some time. His attitude is pretty awful. He was seen partying at a birthday party without a protective mask on his face. The NBA has strict rules about this and Irving is probably quarantining now. But, his is not acting right. If he ever returns to the team, the Nets have a big chance to make the NBA Finals and play against the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James is the GOAT

Let’s go back to LeBron’s GOAT status. Yes, he plays like the greatest of all time. Haters still try to disrupt the situation saying that LeBron has a 6-4 record in the championship series.

This won’t change Perkins’ mind. He has already made a point. The GOAT debate got pretty tough following the release of ESPN’s “The Last Dance.”

LeBron’s former teammate went on ESPN’s “Get Up” to give a passionate argument about why King James is the GOAT.

According to Perkins, LeBron exceeded everyone’s expectations. No one else has done it before. LeBron will end up No.1 or No.2 on the all-time scoring list. He will also end up top five in assists. The Lakers superstar will end up with 10,000-plus rebounds. Let’s not forget that LeBron spent 17 years in the NBA. He made nine Finals appearances. In other words, he spent 50% of his career in the Finals. LeBron won titles during his time in Cleveland and Miami. He helped the Lakers win the 17th title in team history.