LeBron James Seen Warning Lakers Teammates About Rockets Center

The Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their big win over the Houston Rockets. It was a clean game, and Lakers players did their best to finish the night with a 120-102 win. But, something else caught everyone’s attention. Four-time NBA champion LeBron James was seen warning his teammates about Rockets center Christian Wood. Yes, LA has to pay more attention to the 25-year-old.

This probably confirms the fact that Wood has improved a lot. He went undrafted out of college and has his NBA debut in 2015 as a player with the Philadelphia 76ers. It was a long and bumpy road for the center, and Philadelphia decided to trade him to Houston two months ago.

LeBron was warning his teammates for a reason

It’s interesting to note that Wood has played with six different teams. The center was coming off the bench in every game he played in.

The New Orleans Pelicans got Wood in March 2019. He started showing good signs. It was more than obvious that he is ready to make an impact. The center has a good eight-game sting in New Orleans, but they decided to cut him in July. The Detroit Pistons addedm them to the active roster.

In his 62 games with the Pistons, Wood was averaging 13.1 points and 6.2 rebounds per game. This was just a warmup for the brilliant game he is having this year. In his 7 games in the 2020-21 NBA season, Wood is averaging 23.3 points and 7.9 rebounds per game. He turned into a shot-blocker, averaging 1.9 blocks per game with the team.

LeBron is more than aware of this improvement. He had to warn his teammates. Wood has great potential and his opponents need to be more careful around him. LA players found a way to neutralize the Rockets. Will other NBA teams have the same success? The Lakers have plenty of talent this season and they have already built a nice relationship with the newly-added players. The defense saw some struggles, but Lakers head coach Frank Vogel isn’t worried about it. It takes time for players to find the right rhythm.