First Photo of Lakers’ ‘Big 3’ Goes Viral, LeBron James Reacts

Los Angeles Lakers superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis are here to welcome new players. They use their accounts on social media to send the warmest welcome messages. Well, neither of these two had anything to say about the signing of Andre Drummond. Wonder why? They have already met. NBA fans a chance to see the first photo of the Big 3, and LeBron took notice of it.

LeBron, AD and Drummond have yet to hit the floor together. But, we saw them next to each other during the Lakers’ game against the Toronto Raptors. The trio was at the sidelines and the photo of them went viral.

A first photo of the Big 3, and LeBron likes it

The four-time NBA champion shared the photo. Does he like Drummond? Of course he does! The big man may be part of the team just for the season. But, Drummond can easily become part of the team in the long run if he likes the environment.

The Lakers deal with too many issues at the moment. AD has been out since February 14th. The Lakers have yet to provide an update on his return. But, Marc Stein from The New York Times says AD may return soon.

“Davis has missed the past 23 games because of persistent Achilles’ tendon discomfort and an adjacent calf strain,” Stein wrote. “There is some hope within the organization that he will return to the lineup after the Lakers’ five-game Eastern Conference swing underway, but any injury that involves the Achilles’ tendon, no matter how purportedly mild, is going to spook people until Davis gets back on the floor. Achilles’ tendon injuries remain the most feared in the sport.”

If this is right, AD will hit the floor on April 15th. LA plays against the Boston Celtics. This will be the first game attended by fans. That’s the best time to return, right?

AD may return but LeBron will have to stay at the sidelines for a while. He got his walking boot out, and that’s a good sign. Will LeBron return by the end of April?

“James has missed the past nine games after sustaining a high-ankle sprain during a game against Atlanta on March 20,” Stein wrote. “The reflex assumption, because this is James, is that he will return by month’s end and duly return to elite form. Given that James is 36, and in his 18th season, we should probably also acknowledge the possibility that his recovery won’t be seamless.”