Scottie Pippen Was Asked To Pick Between Michael Jordan And LeBron James

Current and former basketball players use every opportunity to talk about the GOAT debate. The big debate revolves around LeBron James and Michael Jordan. NBA legend Scottie Pippen shared his thoughts on the debate between great LeBron James and the Chicago Bulls legend.

A lot of analysts expressed their opinions, and former players have split opinions. The release of “The Last Dance” added fuel to the fire. The GOAT debate became really hot.

Scottie Pippen didn’t play with LeBron James

If you ask Pippen, he will say that no one is better than his former teammate. In 2012, the six-time NBA champion talked about LeBron, MJ and the GOAT debate. A lot of people trashed his comments and Pippen was misunderstood. A lot of people said LeBron was the best player in the NBA. At the time of the interview, King James was in the quest for his first title.

“I never said that LeBron was the greatest. That was never said,” Pippen said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I said by the end of his career, his numbers will be better. And I still stand by that. I think LeBron’s numbers are crazy only because he’s going to get in more years than Michael Jordan.

“Michael probably really only played 11 years in this league, and when you look at a kid like LeBron, who started at 18, 19 years old, he’s probably going to pass Michael by his numbers in his first 10, 11 years in the league.”

Things got really strange. Scottie was asked who he’d pick to be his running teammate or swingman. He was loud and clear. Pippen was pretty honest. I mean, he didn’t have a relationship with LeBron.

“That’s a dumb— question,” Pippen said. “I’ve never done anything with LeBron. I wouldn’t take LeBron to the movies with me.”

Pippen shared his thoughts and he has the right to make a pick. LeBron doesn’t even think of the debate. He recovers from his high-ankle injury and Lakers players can’t wait to have him back on the floor.