Trent Brown’s Latest Comments on Mac Jones Will Get Patriots Fans Hyped

Mac Jones is facing the most important challenge in his career. Well, he is about to enter his first NFL season. Head coach Bill Belichick trusted him enough to give him the final word on the offense. Jones will lead the Lakers offense in 2021. Patriots players are more than excited to follow him in the upcoming season. Offensive tackle Trent Brown’s comments on Mac Jones will definitely get fans all hyped.

The Patriots veteran talked about this during Patriots practice.

“If the play doesn’t go exactly right or how we drew it up in the meeting room, and we get out there and it doesn’t go exactly as planned, he will — on his own, without Coach (Bill Belichick) saying anything — he will say, ‘Do it over.’ And with some authority,” Brown said. “As a young guy, that’s pretty cool to see.

“Him coming from (Alabama), it’s not really surprising, but him being a rookie in the huddle with guys that are much older than him, he just turned (23 years old) this week, it’s pretty cool. I’m excited to see him grow.”

Brown is not really surprised by Jones’ success. NFL analysts have high expectations from the Patriots rookie. There’s a really good chance for him to keep his job in New England.

“Just the will to win,” Brown said. “Wanting to win and just wanting to be right. “I think that’s pretty special for somebody that’s so young. But it’s not surprising considering where he came from.

“I think it’s pretty cool, just because him being a rookie quarterback at the head of the offense, head of the team, you don’t have to baby him. He can handle his own, and I think that’s pretty cool — the coolest part about it.”

Jones did incredible job in the preseason. He led the Patriots to a win in all three games. His performance in the game against the New York Giants was more than enough for Josh McDaniels and Belichick to make a decision. Newton’s interception put an end to his stint with the Patriots.

Belichick cut Newton right before the start of the regular season. The 2015 NFL MVP has yet to find a home in the NFL. Maybe he will be a backup in other team in the league. Maybe he will be back with the Patriots.