New Bill Belichick Mic’d-Up Video Features Reaction To N’Keal Harry Play

There is a new Bill Belichick mic’d-up video that shows his reaction to N’Keal Harry’s play and it is pretty interesting. The Patriots are coming off a big win against the New York Jets last Sunday. They came out on top 54-13 in a big victory that was very much needed for the team. They have been struggling to get going so far this year and a win like this might get them over the edge.

Now, there is a new video that goes a bit more in depth on what coach Bill Belichick was thinking during a few different plays last week. There is a new mic’d up video that gives us an inside view of what was going on. Take a look at what was going on.

This is pretty funny stuff from coach.

New Bill Belichick Mic’d-Up Video Features Reaction To N’Keal Harry Play

He was also very pleased with his team’s performance. He recently had a few interesting this to talk about during an interview as well.

“Yeah that’s so far in the past, I don’t really think about that,” Belichick explained. “Really I just am trying to think about what I can do to help our team perform better and do a good job for the Patriots. That’s all in the rearview mirror, it’s really for me just looking ahead and trying to do a good job with this team. I need to do a better job so I’ll just focus on that.”

“Josh does a great job of designing game-plans and calling the game,” said Belichick. “He’s got a great feel for the game and kind of when to call the plays and keep the defense off-balance.”

“A lot of that really comes down to execution,” Belichick continued. “You can have the greatest play in the world and X and O all you want, but it comes down to the players executing and performing well and doing their job, playing with good fundamentals. We had a good amount of that yesterday, it’s something we’ve been trying to build on every week and hopefully we’ll be able to continue each to work on those things and see improvement.”