Hall Of Fame Receiver Makes Prediction On Tom Brady’s Status For 2020

The New England Patriots may soon lose their star quarterback. This year 2020 Tom Brady has never been without a contract in his professional career. TB12 will hit free agency on March 18, and some say he will sign with a different team. Numerous reports revealed that his family suite at Gillette Stadium has been cleaned out. Others claim that Brady has moved to Greenwich, Connecticut. What does this Hall of Fame receiver say?

However, none of this confirms that Brady will leave the Patriots. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is also staying, and this increases the chances of a return for the GOAT. Reports suggest there’s a rift forming between these two, but we know that Brady and McDaniels know each other really well.

Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver and NFL Network analyst Michael Irwin talked with Boston radio station WEEI’s Dale & Keefe show on Friday. He talked about Brady’s next move for the 2020 season.

Irwin says that Brady would like to play with a stronger offense and this includes players who understand his individual tendencies.

“I see more so now that all the head coaching jobs are filled and Josh [McDaniels] is still right where he is. I still think that leads to Tom Brady being back with the Patriots. Tom may be doing some business right here where he’s negotiating and moving his house. And I saw he moved to Connecticut but if anything else, it’s an overhaul,” Irwin said. “If Tom goes to play anywhere, you have to bring in some guys who know his offense and that implement what he does so you’re not getting a 40-something-year-old man, you’re getting some years of experience. That’s what you’re selling if you pay for Tom Brady to leave New England in 2020, you’re not just paying for the 40-year-old body but the 20 years of experience so you’ve got to bring everything with you.”

A lot of analysts have made comments about Brady and his receivers. Young receivers had hard time gaining the trust of the GOAT. For undrafted rookie Jakobi Meyers, this was the hardest thing for him to do.

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