Frank Vogel Addresses Russell Westbrook’s Decision to Take Potential Game-Tying 3 vs. Thunder

Frank Vogel has addressed Russell Westbrook’s decision to take a potential game tying shot against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Lakers have lost to one of the worst teams in the NBA for the second time in as many weeks. It is clear they they will have quite a bit to work on should they want to make a deep run in the Playoffs this season. Obviously, it does not help that they have missed their captain LeBron James but that is bo excuse with the talent they have.

Frank Vogel was asked about Russell Westbrook’s shot at the end of the game and his response was telling. Westbrook settled for a potential game tying three pointer that did not go in.

Westbrook has been known for taking some unwarranted shots from time to time. Sometimes they go in, usually, they don’t though and this was one of these times.

Frank Vogel Addresses Russell Westbrook’s Decision to Take Potential Game-Tying 3 vs. Thunder

Vogel talked about the game as a whole in his post game press conference.

“They know that we have been at our best the last couple of years being a hybrid unit,” Vogel said after the game. “Sometimes A.D. plays the 5, sometimes he’s at the 4. They [Dwight and DJ] both knew that when they signed here and the whole mindset of our whole group is that we’re trying to win a championship this year and whatever sacrifice is required, everybody is all in.”

The Lakers have some locker room issues to take care of as well. To start the season, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard got in a bit of a scuffle which was apparently squashed.

“We squashed it right then and there,” Howard said afterward. “We just had a disagreement about something that was on the floor. We’re both very passionate about winning. We didn’t want to lose this game, so we’re just passionate. We got it out the way. We’re grown men. Things happen. But we are going to squash this little issue between me and him, and that’s my brother, that’s my teammate.”

“We’re just trying to get it together,” Howard said. “This is our second game, our second real game. And we got to get it right. I know a lot of people are counting us out already. It’s early. Lot of people laughing at us and joking, but we going to get this thing together.”