Mac Jones Addresses Patriots-Odell Beckham Jr. Speculation

Mac Jones has addressed the Patriots and Odell Beckham Jr signing speculation. The Patriots are feeling pretty good about their team going into week 10 of the NFL season. They have been impressive in their last three games with wins over the Jets, Chargers and now Panthers. This is a bit different than how the Patriots started the season in which they failed to impress fans for the most part.

Now, the Patriots could have an opportunity to strengthen their core even more. Odell Beckham Jr is now a free agent and the Patriots might be interested in picking him up if possible. Bill Belichick talked about this.

“What would they get? I don’t know,” Belichick initially replied. “Depends on the team and what their situation was.”

“He’s a very talented player,” the Patriots’ coach added. “Obviously never coached him so I don’t have any first-hand experience with that.”

“We’ve done that before,” Belichick said in his press conference. “Brought in [Aqib] Talib in the middle of the season. I don’t know any specifics, so at this point, there’s nothing to really talk about.”

Mac Jones Addresses Patriots-Odell Beckham Jr. Speculation

Now, rookie QB Mac Jones has given his opinion on the speculation that the Patriots might be interested in Beckham.

“I think Odell is a great player,” Jones said. “I definitely watched him growing up. Obviously, that’s not my decision, but we’re open to have whoever wants to come here and help us win.”

That is true. The Patriots have needed a play maker on the roster for a few seasons. This is expecially true on wide receivers. A rookie QB Is hard to deal with in general. But when he does not have pieces around him it makes it even more difficult to win.

The Patriots could very easily win their division if they continue the way they are playing right now. And this would be a huge win for a team that has struggled to get much of anything done in the past few seasons. This signing could help them in ways that we don’t even understand yet.