Report: New England Patriots Sign Free Agent From Belgium

The New England Patriots have sign a free agent from Belgium. The Patriots have been pretty impressive in the last few weeks. They are now going into week 12 with a real chance to get to the playoffs. Mac Jones and the offense have turned a switch and look impressive now after a slow start. It is clear that the defense is easily one of the best in the entire NFL. It sounds like they are still making some moves that they think might make them even better, though.

Well, it is a signing that might not make them directly better but it is still an interesting move none the less. They have signed a punter from Belgium, a very well known football powerhouse.

It is not very likely that he will get much playing time if any. The Patriots have a very impressive punter that was invited to the Pro Bowl last season. He has also been very good this season as well. But an injury can quickly change things so we will have to wait and see.

Report: New England Patriots Sign Free Agent From Belgium

With tht being said, the Patriots are still looking good going into week 12 of the NFL season. They have one of the best defenses in the NFL. Bill Belichick recently talked about his defense’s identity.

“I’d like for our identity to be winning. What we need to do, we went up to Minnesota against the number one defense in the league, got in empty, and threw the ball all day. We played against Pittsburgh in the opener in whatever year that was, ’02, lined up in empty, and threw the ball all day. Sometimes you’ve got to do things that you feel like you need to do to win.”

“Hopefully, you have the team, ability, and enough breadth in your offense or defense or special teams to be able to do what you need to do in order to be able to handle what your opponents do well or what you need to do to stop them. I think that’s really the part of it that it’s hard to just go out there and run the same play all day in this league and be successful. There are just too many other good players and too many other good coaches.”