Vanessa Bryant Bittersweet Reaction to Lakers’ Staples Center Name Change

Big news shocked the world Wednesday morning. Staples Center will be renamed after 20 years. A lot of people reacted to this change, including current and former NBA players. Vanessa Bryant reacted to the big Staples Center news. Did she approve it?

Kobe Bryant’s wife delivered an emotional reaction to the change. The Black Mamba built his legacy inside the arena. Many would say it was “The House That Kobe Built.”

Vanessa shared a photo on her Instagram stories that featured her late husband and a photo of the arena.

Staples Center was the home of the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Kings. The arena “was born” in 1999 when Kobe was just 21. From that year and 2016, Kobe raised five banners. Staples Center relies on prestige and dominance.

When Kobe died in January 2020, Staples Center became the place for NBA fans to grieve. The memorial service was organized at the venue. Well, the name of this place may change, but Kobe’s legacy will always live.

Vanessa Bryant, NBA fans will remember Staples Center as sacred place

Owner Anschutz Entertainment Group accepted the offer of They will get $700 million for the naming rights. It was a big offer and the owner couldn’t refuse it. The Singapore-based company will pay a lot of money for the 20-year naming change.

Lakers fans may be a bit disappointed because they got used to the big name. Players won six championships in the last two decades. Kobe had his 81-game in the arena.

Every change happens for a reason and this one came a bit unexpected. Of course, many are impressed by the fact that this is the biggest deal ever. The Golden State Warriors agreed to a big deal as well, but it can’t match this one. Will other teams try to match this particular deal?

When it comes to Lakers players, they are dealing with several injuries at the moment. LeBron James is out of the game and his team has lost some of the games. Frank Vogel said he is day-to-day.