LeBron James Names The Moment He Became The GOAT

LeBron James is the GOAT and doubters can’t do anything about it. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is making headlines again. The All-Star weekend is over, and LeBron was definitely in the spotlight. He is the king of basketball after all. What makes him the greatest basketball player of all time?

If you ask the king, he will mention the trophy he won with the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron was a Cavalier back then. His team beat Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. It was a good win and LeBron’s team was able to overcome a 3-1 deficit. To be honest, LeBron carried the team on his back.

“At that moment, I was like I’m the greatest basketball player people have ever seen in all facets,” LeBron told TNT. “Like I can play them one through five, I can guard one through five, just like literally something that has never been done in the history of the sport. … I just felt like ain’t nobody better than me at this. I felt like JAY-Z when he made ‘The Blueprint.’”

LeBron James still sees himself as the GOAT

The four-time NBA champion hasn’t changed his mind. He literally said the same in 2018 during an appearance in an episode of “More Than an Athlete.”

“That moment right there made me the greatest player of all-time, that’s what I felt,” he said. “I was super, super ecstatic to win one for Cleveland because of the 52-year drought. The first wave of emotion was everyone saw me crying. That was all for 52 years of everything in sports going on in Cleveland. And then after I stopped, I was like, ‘That one right there made you the greatest player of all-time.’”

Skip Bayless and other doubters won’t agree with LeBron. But hey, we know they are people who doubt everything LeBron does. King James was able to overcome a lot of obstacles in his career. He builds teams from scratch. Yes, he helps the front office get all the players his team needs to win games. That’s why he wasn’t happy at the trade deadline.