Rob Ninkovich ‘Concerned’ About Patriots Offense For A Big Reason

Things won’t go that smooth for the New England Patriots after all. Head coach Bill Belichick made some changes to the roster, but his offense faces a huge challenge. Former Patriots pass rusher Rob Ninkovich shared his thoughts on the Patriots offense and let’s just say he is a bit concerned.

Josh McDaniels is no longer coaching the offense and this makes things a little difficult for Mac Jones and his teammates.

“Yeah, I’m concerned,” Ninkovich said on ESPN’s Get Up. “When you look at the Patriots previously, they always had some type of identity going into training camp or in training camp, and they were building on that.

“Now you have a new coordinator, you have question marks on who’s calling the plays — it’s not out there, but we know — you have an offensive line that’s trying to adapt to a new system. With those things in place when you watch this last preseason game, you kind of want things to be rolling in a good way, as opposed to playing poorly in your last preseason game.”

Rob Ninkovich has an advice for the Patriots offense

Belichick is taking his time to build the right team for his new season. Ninkovich has something else to say about it. Maybe the Patriots need more time after all.

“In the past, September, yes there’s always going to be some changes that are going to happen in the first couple weeks of the season,” Ninkovich said. “You’re trying to adapt your team, your roster, manipulate your roster to help yourself. But with not having an identity, I think that’s going to be their biggest obstacle, trying to figure out what are we offensively right now? What are we trying to do?

“So they need to figure that out fast, because in September, if they only win one game, you’re in trouble. You’re in a tough spot.”

Yes, the Patriots won’t have the easiest start, but players are confident about their potential. The Miami Dolphins are first on their list. Will Jones and Co. win this game?